Me, Kate & Pippa just hanging on to survive!

So this year (like that? for the past of 35 days…) I have been checking things off right and left on my 2012 resolutions—lessening caffeine to almost none (huge improvement), which helps with the whole savings (no more Starbucks morning trips :(), and I have been working out steadily… apparently for all the good I am doing (pat on my back), my reward is one fantastic CRAZY dream where I pretty much lived my fantasy life of being BFF with Kate & Pippa.  Yep. It was awesome.

My Girls!

Wednesday night was pretty typical around our house, we got home, walked the dogs, made some delicious tacos and then headed to the gym.  After working out we were both wiped so we sat on the couch (avoided hw/studying) and watched Bones!  I HEART Bones! We are kind of late coming into the series so we only watch reruns which is confusing, one day she is dating Booth and they have a kid on the way and the next day he is dating Cam.  Anyways….

I hope they end up together? Are new episodes still made??

 We went to bed early that night, and boy am I ever glad we did because I had the best dream ever. Kinda. . . Then I looked it up today and now I am not so sure it was a good dream?!?!?


Sleepy pugs...more to come, because they are cute!

I was standing in the elementary school parking lot across from our house, when the Mr. told me to go to the store to pick up storm supplies because we were about to have flash flood rain drops and he needed to finish an episode of Alaska State Troopers before the direct went out (yep.) For some UNKNOWN and totally unrealistic reason I agreed and started walking to the grocery store through the parking lot. At this time I hear someone call out my name, turning I see it is my BFF’s Kate and Pippa!  Whatz up girls………..? ha, can you imagine! Anyways they were told to go to the store with me, to pick up champagne and cheese, so clearly they traveled across the pond for this list!

Mags, exhausted

 As we continue walking, through this parking lot that is like the size of the South Stadium lot at LSU (HUGE) the rain starts and Pippa without skipping a beat throws down her purse and pulls out an inflatable raft that blows up and we jump in.  Now the us three besties are just cruising  down the streets of Tosa on our raft talking about the weather, the men – Pippa says she is not going to marry Prince Harry and Kate agrees (WHAT insight!), and our total obsession with Mad Men (bet y’all didn’t know the Middleton’s were down with the Drapers?). 

Betty Lou - why did you wake me up?!

When we finally got back I ran inside to tell the Mr. about our adventure and he was in bed studying these note card things he carries around and he said, “there is a blizzard coming, you should probably walk the girls.”

five more minutes please!

 CUE alarm.

 #1: I have always known we would be best friends I am practically the third Middleton sister (omghowcoolwouldthatbe)

#2: I kinda think it would be cool if Pippa did marry Prince Harry

#3: I would never be the one to stock up on supplies for a weather event (cookie dough, dc, frozen pizza) nor would the MR. be the one concerned about the DVR

#4: I am so sure I would walk the pugs during a blizzard

#5: Flash flood raindrops are intense!

 So I thought this was a cool dream until I Googled dream interpretation this morning, now I am, well….. here is what Google said about my dreams-

 Floods: If the flood is raging the dream indicates that you are overwhelming others with your demands and strong opinion. HOW RUDE.

 Snow: To dream that you are walking in the snow implies that you are feeling overworked and requiring some rest and enjoyment. Now this I agree with…hint, hint 🙂

 Today, I am grateful for remembering dreams, I don’t understand them, but I am glad when I wake up I still know what went on in my dreams!!!

I just had the best dream, bacon…everywhere!

PS: Don’t you wish dogs could talk so we knew what they were dreaming about?! I’m not crazy, just curious!


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