2012 Manifesto…Get Healthy!

WHY is it so hard to find that needed motivation?

Me…. Want to get in shape, know how to do it, own gym membership, yoga studio passes, hear rate/caloric monitor watch etc….

So glad someone else in the world has had this thought?!

Nike…. Just do it.

Me… or I could catch up on Pretty Little Liars by spending the day watching a marathon, I mean, I can’t not find out who “A” is. . .

Nike… Just do it.

Me.. . or I could search for absolute randomness on Pinterest.

Nike… Just do it.

Me.. . I feel like there has been massive progress, I haven’t sat and watched Mad Men for like two weeks. . .

Maybe I am real sad about that fact! I miss my Drapers!

Nike. . . Just do it…. and you did sit and watch Pretty Little Liars for 6 hours on Sunday…

Me. . . UGH.

Guilty Pleasure PLL show!

I feel like I should note, it is actually my Saucony shoes talking to me, but their tag is ”find your strong,” and to that I might say, strong…espresso? Ok!

PANICKED Me… 6 weeks until Europe = 6 weeks until a TON of pictures.  Fine. I guess I’ll start. So I am challenging myself to 21 days of Zumba/Gym time!! Simple plan here, Zumba everyday for 21 days, and gym 5 days a week for 21 days… Yes, these are different. I bought a Zumba program that I can do from home in the AM, because let’s face it, I have a hard enough time getting out of bed to get ready… and head to Starbucks when it is cold.  It is just not going to happen that I get up extra early to go to the gym when it is cold.

I’m just being real y’all!  The thing is that every single fitness/health related situational reading thang has always pointed out that a habit is formed in three weeks. 3 weeks=21 days… challenge ACCEPTED.  I am trying not to rely on past examples like ½ marathon training that I did for 6 weeks and hated every solitary step I ran for the full 6 weeks. . . runner’s high – nope. Either way, the only way to make a change is to start somewhere, so I am starting here.

Side note… also going to continue eating better, but let’s not get crazy on this challenge!

If you are struggling with (infomercial tone here) getting back into the swing of things, cutting out something negative in your life, or just need a better more healthy habit, join me on my 21 day challenge….  YIKES! What have I done…. I mean… Yippy?!?!?!?

I am grateful that our gym is literally less than 2 miles from our door, that and our blinds, because no one should have to see this girl shake it to Zumba routines!

PS*** Ummm, I actually debated waiting  until tomorrow to post this… buttttttttttt, that pretty much explains my current state of exercise avoidance! 



  1. I love that last one…yesterday, you said tomorrow. I need to put that up in my bathroom!

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