Friday Five! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Friday Five: BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Things I am looking forward to in 2012!It is COLD y’all. Like bitter cold. So cold in fact my car took the full 15 minute drive to work today to heat up.  At which point I was parked… so not very handy.  It was -2 when I got out of our parking garage at work.  BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! The good better news is that it is supposed to snow 5 inches today.  That means it HAS to warm up…right? 

On a day like today I need to look forward to upcoming events to stay positive and warm.  Happy Friday!

I knew I would be back!

 1)      Spring Break in EUROPE!!!!  Whoo hooo!!! I am going on my mom’s Europe trip in early March for 10 whole days!  Paris, Nice, Pisa, Rome, Florence, Monaco… I think that is all… but I am so excited! The best part is the other chaperones include two of my mom’s best friends & my lovely sister-in-law:)  It will be a great time!!!  And thanks to Nate Berkus I know exactly what I will be packing…and I’m not telling 🙂

2)      4th of July Dedeker Family Reunion!!! I have planned a fabulous (If I do say so myself) trip for the Dedeker Family to the Carolina coast to spend a week in Corolla. I cannot wait to see our huge beach house, the wild horses, lighthouses and little beach shops!!! 3)      A week in AK the end of July!! Justin’s best friend is getting MARRIED!!!! YEAH Tyler!!!!  We are so excited for this wedding, it will be a blast and a great week visiting family!  4)      Learning to play golf!! We have been toying with this plan for about a year now and finally we have decided to make a go of it.  This spring into summer Justin and I are going to rely on our very golf gifted friend…and his family… Thanks Schmidts!!  To learn to properly play golf! Mostly me, because the Mr. understands the game and how to you know actually contact the ball when swinging… me I need some work! But after a quick visit to the pro shop I am READY to play.  Do y’all know how cute golf clothes are?! Very cute. AND THE BAGS!!! Do not even get me started!!!!

While I will never play like her... I will have her clothes!!

5)      SUMMER! I know very vague. But really without summer, what is the point of winter. I am looking forward to another summer filled with volleyball at the Goat – “couples therapy reunion” – days at the Tosa pool, Brewer’s games/tailgates, Shrimp boils and BBQ’s at the house and anything else that we can do while enjoying the summer sun!

  What are you looking forward to in 2012?



  1. Ok, now I have to know since it’s post-trip…you wrote, “thanks to Nate Berkus, I know what I’ll be packing…and I’m not telling!” When I finally get to go to Europe, I obviously need to know what Nate Berkus would suggest!

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