THE BEST is yet to come….

Ladies, get ready I am about to change your organizing loving lives!  Let me introduce you to my organizing BFF… meet my planner…

my precious (wife points)

 Yes, I have an iphone…and mobile me… so all my appointments and dates are all synced to the computer/phone instantaneously, but really what good is it if I NEVER remember to check my phone’s calendar?!  Like, no good.

 You know how you will type something into your phone and be all proud because you totally have every test date, work meeting, hair appointment all on your phone and your computer and then you will show up to class and claim the teacher totally changed the test date because you would have put it in your phone…oh wait… you did. Right… awkward. . . 

 Also, the Mr. puts EVERYTHING in his calendar with an alarm, so randomly in the middle of the night his alarm will go off, I will look at his phone and it will say something completely ridiculous like Christmas…really, you set your phone to remind you that it is Christmas?!  I will not be a memory slave to my phone 🙂

 And the new iphone even has a reminders app… well, who is going to remind me that I have things in my reminders tab…. Erin Condren…that is who!

 Erin Condren has life planners that will rock your world!

pocket, this is like trapper-keeper style!

 One, they are pretty. Two, they have tabs. Three, they have different times of the day listed for your organizing success. Four, they have full month and yearly sections. Five, there are quotes to start off each month (blog title…). Six, ample note pages, weekly to-do, goal sections etc….Seven, stickers.

Lisa Frank anyone?

 I LOVE my planner and this site. So in accordance with my 2012 manifesto, I have started listing my dates, adding stickers appropriately and marking off things to do! LOVE.

Turns out...really handy!

 Justin’s response when this year’s planner arrived… really, you have to special order a planner… and why is my name on there?! I don’t use it.  BUZZZ Kill.  Maybe because I add your dates to my planner so we can coordinate our social calendars! umm, we do not have a girl keeping up with our calendars like Don,  so there… I am ordering a planner Betty Draper style.

zipper pocket… jealous yet! NERD ALERT!!

 HA! Or because, that is what they showed online, and it was cute?!

please only plans are Zumba this week...

 … your organizing life will never be the same.

a nice way to start off each month!

Also, side note… I cannot just simply write things down on sticky notes, or on my hand.  Sticky notes get lost and ink does not wash off my hand for days, so I end up missing my appointment or  showing up with ink on my hand like an 18-year-old who is proud they went out the night before.

 Not cool.

 I am grateful for my planner.  Shocked, right?

 PS – I totally found Erin Condren Life-Planners from a blog I followed a couple of years ago, so I figure, pay it forward!  Passing this piece of wonderful organizing goodness onto to anyone else making that resolution to stay organized!

 PPS- They have AWESOME lesson plans books…just an FYI  😉


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