Alyson’s 2012 Manifesto…like, official resolutions!

Making Plans for 2012! 

Each year I write down my resolutions… then I stick to them for oh say a week then I revisit them periodically throughout the year. While I know this is a common thing (my Zumba class was PACKED 1/5…not so much the rest of the year…) I have noticed one thing about me is being held responsible for things even if it is by myself!In comes my blog… this is turning out to be quite the helpful little tool in self-responsibility. I am going to post my list of say things to accomplish in 2012 and then each time I do something I am going to post about it… seeeeeeeeeee, self-responsibility! At some point in my life I hope to just have self-control and then this wouldn’t be necessary. . .

Okay… yeah, yeah, I should have done this on 1/1 and really started my year off right. But we were BUSY and a lot of our busy-ness stemmed from big time meals/parties that I was cooking for so really, I didn’t want to fail at my some of my 2012 goals before I started!  So smart!  Queenofavoidance!

YIKES!!! Here goes nothing, these are pretty open, but when I post on progress or completion I will go into detail …come on peeps, new blogger I  have to leave room for new posts 🙂

Alyson’s 2012 Manifesto –(hehe, like so totally official)

  1. Get back into shape & and STAY IN SHAPE!!!
  2. Make our savings account a priority
  3. Live in the moment
  4. *** Personal***
  5. *** Personal***
  6. Complete a Pinterest Pin each month
  7. Host a murder mystery dinner party
  8. Start a fancy dinner party group 🙂
  9. Lessen my caffeine consumption
  10. Bake my cupcake calendar throughout the year
  11. Learn to use all the functions on our camera
  12. Visit five new cities
  13. Make staying in touch a priority with friends and family (phone…no more texts & FB only)
  14. Help the Mr. get out to LA to visit the Coffmans
  15. Plan & help to host the Dedeker Family Reunion
  16. Stay organized
  17. Stay balanced – work, life, school
  18. Finish my hot yoga pass
  19. Comment on a blog everyday
  20. Document 2012
  21. Make 26 something special
  22. Learn to golf
  23. Make a plan (getting healthy) and stick to it
  24. Go to a country bar & DANCE
  25. Go ice-skating downtown
  26. Go on dates!

I am grateful for another year and a new start at all my goals!!! 


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