Merry Christmas Mr. Bublé! (part three)

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Christmas!!! I love wearing coordinating PJ’s with the Mr. & making my family all match too… that is fun! I LOVE that I get to listen to Christmas music all day long and no one can say anything because, duh… it’s Christmas. I love opening gifts, watching others open gifts and the WRAPPING paper! I LOVE wrapping paper. This year my wrapping theme was glitz & glitter (yes, there is a theme each year)!  It was fabulous!  Especially since everyone was sufficiently glittered up by the time they had opened gifts 🙂 Lovely!This year was no exception!  When we got home Christmas Eve I passed out everyone’s matching PJ’s and explained that this is my tradition and I would love for them to share in the festivities… READ:… this is what you will be wearing in the morning, and you are really happy about it… got it…? NOW SMILE!I was all kinds of giddy just thinking about the morning so we called mom & dad (it was about 2am our time, so 11 theirs) I wanted to be the first child to call and say Merry Christmas… clearly, that makes me the best! What?! Christmas isn’t about competing for best child title… you had me fooled.After a short conversation centered around the hilariousness that  is our family jib jab cards (SO FUNNY!!!) we went to sleep.  Actually, I kept talking and then the Mr. rolled over and took off his glasses… that means, I am going to sleep now… continue talking at your own risk. An episode of Psych later, “you know that’s right!” and I was out.  Only to wake up a few hours later and ready to get this Christmas on the road!WHOOOO HOOOO! We ran upstairs, had some coffee and then sat impatiently around the tree while we waited for everyone to wake up and get to unwrapping! Since most of the gifts were delivered the night before, Justin and I were stacked high this morning with gifts from the Boyd side! It was quite exciting!!!  Let me just give you a little insight into gift giving in our marriage. We both love to give gifts, but it stresses one of us out to the MAX!!! That would be Justin. A couple of weeks ago I had an email from my MIL asking for what I would like for Christmas, I sent Justin my Nordstrom’s wish list to forward on. This is his reaction: “WHEN DID YOU MAKE A  WISH LIST?! WHAT IS ON IT?! WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT IT?!” PANIC…followed by a very long and silent car ride to Target. I was so confused, but being the kind and loving wife I am on 12/18… one week before Christmas…and his gift had been wrapped and under our tree for almost three weeks. . . I’mjustsayingMrs.– “I’ve had this wish list for a while, I just keep it updated so that I can tell people (read…always ready for a gift) if they ask. And BTW, you told me like two weeks ago that my gift was covered. So, why would I send you this wish list?!”  also, FYI I send you things I want like 50 times throughout the week…save them!

Mr.– “I do, have your gift covered, but now I am confused, and second guessing myself.”

Mrs.—“Well, I am sure I will like what you had planned? PS… Christmas is in one week.”

Mr. –“ I know, you don’t have to remind me…grrrrr”

Mrs. – “I’m just saying, I don’t have any gifts under the tree. Le sigh.”

SILENCE. Muttering. Silence. More Muttering. . .

Well friends, he blew me away on Christmas morning! First off he gave me a really cute golfing outfit (wow), a golf club cover that is a pug (adorable) and my grand finale and long Northface winter coat!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting one for so long! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

He rocked my Christmas gift world 🙂

Now, onto his gift.  I got him some golfing equipment and some clothes (snooze…) but his main gift was a pair of glasses that has a video camera on them to record his hunting expeditions (THAT IS ALL)— inappropriate Dedekers 😉 Jared  & my Dad each have a pair and Justin has been casually (all the time) been talking about these glasses. They are pretty cool, so I am looking forward to him getting to use them next duck season.  **A little side note on me trying to purchase these glasses.  I found them at Cabela’s on Black Friday and knew it would be wise to purchase them on that day. The tricky thing is that I was trying to purchase these glasses while Justin was shopping in the same store.  No lie, I literally hit the floor three separate times in line when I would see him pass by so that he couldn’t find me. I also turned off my phone so that he couldn’t call me. It was ridiculous, and the line was about a 60minute wait. Stressful, very stressful.After gifts (which we both were spoiled rotten!) – the Tennessee Clan arrived to open stockings with our family.  This was hilarious!  Stockings were never like the thing we looked forward to in our house, I can’t even remember if we did them every year… sorry!  But for Justin’s family since they do Christmas on Christmas Eve, stockings in the morning are a HUGE deal and the gifts that go inside are nothing if not unique and FUNNY!!!Let’s start with the most unique and ummmmmmmmm interesting? (ew) thing I have EVER like, in my life seen in a stocking.  Justin’s Aunt Judy opened a smaller size gift from Santa that simply said, “For the woman who needs to go.” Yep. Then she starts to read the packaging, “Get your Go Girl: a female urination device that allows women to pee while standing up. Go Girl is great for outdoor activities, concerts, or just the girl on the go.”  Really?! I am shocked right now, like mouth open shocked! I mean concerts?!  Excuse me Kenny (ala Chesney, we are tight) I am just standing here using the restroom while standing, because if a man can do it then so can I?!

OMGOSH! The HORROR!  And just when I think it can’t be any worse, Judy opens the box and pulls it out. . .  pause for dramatic effect.WOW! NEVER IN MY LIFE!!!!!!   I should mention that Judy and family does a lot of outdoor activities like camping…not concert nasty stuff… so this is more appropriate for that application… I do not, so this was foreign and gross, and wrong. And weird right?! This is weird.  So props to you go girls… I am just going to keep on keeping in the bathroom line.  I mean concerts, and just on the go?! WHAT IN THE WORLD!Okay, moving on… hehehe – another HIT of a stocking gift came from my MIL to all the boys in the house.  These were like air guns for marshmallows.  You put a baby marshmallow in the tip and blow and out they shoot! At first they were okay… then they were a HUGE success.  Props to her for knowing how to shop for grown men 🙂  I like to believe this was Betty Lou & Magnolia’s favorite part of the day. Because, in pug speak bullets aka marshmallows= TREATS all over! Very exciting day to be a pug in that backyard!After stockings the rest of the clan arrived and we had a big pancake brunch. It was really nice, we all sat around and visited about gifts, shot marshmallows through open windows, took pictures and relaxed and listened to a little Christmas music 🙂 Then we (the Coffman’s) got busy!The Menu: Two turkeys (one smoked, one cooked by Jay), Sweet potatoes (X2), Cornbread dressing (2), corn pudding (2), Winter salad, red velvet cake brownies, tiramisu cake, vanilla bread pudding, deviled eggs, rolls & mashed potatoes (dean) –WE WERE BUSY Y’all!!! I did all the cooking (hahaha) Well, I was doing all the cooking and bossing 🙂  I had a plethora of helpers at any given point, two people cut themselves, cough, Justin & Kyle… everyone else survived alright.  We even ate on time! MIRACLE!  It was a great day in the kitchen just cooking and chatting!Dinner was fantastic and the evening ended with a ummmmmmm competitive game of Funglish! Y’all have to play this game if you haven’t already! For the newbies, I would suggest a less competitive crowd to start with, we are RUTHLESS!In the end, the day was just like it was supposed to be, a family spending time enjoying each other’s company. For me it is always a pleasure getting to visit with his extended family and getting to know everyone a little better.  Five years in between visits is too long, good thing we have the Carolina’s this summer!

And that does it! Christmas 2011 – we were in Minnesota a few more days, in which time I took Ryan shopping for a new wardrobe :), went to a movie with the ladies, watched Conner play in a couple of bball games and ate and talked way more than I had in a long time! Phew, we were exhausted, no worries three days on the couch and we were ready to roll…

Dedeker Grandkid Tradition... oldest to youngest...

I am grateful for the time we had as a whole family in Minnesota this year, with everyone spread out it is always nice to come together over the Holidays.

2012 New Years…resolutions…to do list… plans… to come next… I’ve just got to finish this cookie… j/k


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