Friday Five: Christmas Cards as a married couple!

Friday Five: The Christmas Card Photo    Each year, I stress over what our Christmas card photo will be and how to make it special, a little about us and cute, festive, perfect…etc… I realize that y’all look at our card for a split second and then toss it to leave it out on your table for a little while, but to me it is another memory and for us getting that picture has been no easy task! I can pretty much tell you that as soon as I start dreaming up card ideas the Mr. runs for the hills, or the library. . .

 Year One: 2007

The setting, 95*, Southern Louisiana humidity, and it was the first week in December. I had the brilliant idea to dress all of us (me, Justin, Betty Lou & Magnolia) in sweaters, because, Hey, it’s winter?!Duh.  And we headed to the LSU Christmas tree to get some pictures. We had our friend take the pictures, mind you I am pretty sure she was in shorts and a tank top, it WAS HOTTTTTTT! BLAH< BORING< NOPE! Day two, I mean the pressure y’all, it was our first married Christmas, I wanted to send out a LSU card, no wedding photo card for us (what was I thinking, use what you have…professional photos?!).  We headed back on campus in hot sweaters again, pugs  included and this time we took it up on the ramp in front of the Maravich Center, with Tiger Stadium in the background .  A couple hours of photo shop later—you could see us sweatingglistening, and voila! Our first card, all the sweat and heat rash, massive shedding (pugs) and we were set!

(ps, not our background... this was scanned from my Christmas Memories book)

Merry Christmas from 2007 

 Year Two: 2008

 The setting, -15*, Memory Lake, Wasilla, Alaska. . . Well, I am nothing if not a visionary when it comes to cards!  This year I decided to play up what the Mr. loves about AK. . . Snow machines & the mountains, yep.  & that my dears is just what I did!  I decided the PERFECT picture would be us on a snow machine on the lake with the moon and the mountains in the background, what I didn’t plan on was -15*weather with wind.  BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!  To set this up, you have to know what it took to get out there, Justin had to ride said machine about 5 miles in this wind and cold while the girls and I waited in the warm car. Then he set up the machine and the camera on the lake and made a pallet of pillows and blankets for the pugs to sit on in between takes (they were ice pugs during this shoot!)- I am pretty sure it was the quickest I had EVER given in to a picture… until the next year… just you wait.

(ps, not our background... this was scanned from my Christmas Memories book)

Merry Christmas from 2008

 Year three: 2009

The setting, about 7*, Hatcher’s Pass, Wasilla, Alaska, REALLY DEEP SNOW.  This one I was totally shocked when it wasn’t a smooth card. I was determined to get a really Alaskan, beautiful snow picture for our card, classic winter Christmas.  But the saying goes no pain, no gain, and this year was PAINFUL!  Brilliant me, I planned out our outfits down to the shoes because everyone knows when you are standing in a foot of snow (weird we don’t hover?!) you can totally see my cute new patent leather pumps.  NOPE. You cannot in fact, while walking through about three feet of snow you can also not keep said cute pumps on your feet.  NOPE. They fell off and I had to walk in the snow in my hose. BRRRRRRRR!!!! Let’s see, take one, we hiked out all kinds of frozen to a spot that was so pretty, my dad was the camera guy/commentator because he was warm, so this was just funny.  We were FROZEN.  The pictures turned out horrible, because I couldn’t power through and make a happy face, it was so painful. Then on the way back we totally fell over all of us and were now covered in snow.  At this point we were committed to the task at hand.

 Next location please, this time we hiked down to this river area where we could sit and get an actual picture, REMEMBER I am still “wearing” pumps at this phase.  BRILLIANT!  A few shots later and dad swore at least one was a keeper.  We slowly got back to the car because my feet were hurting so bad I could barely walk. AND the car made it so much worse!! You know that feeling when you are really-really cold and you get into a hot bath, or have frozen hands and you run them under hot water and it HURTS! Well, this pain was like a billion times worse. But, the card is REALLY cute. So totally worth it!

(ps, not our background... this was scanned from my Christmas Memories book)

 Merry Christmas from 2009

 Year four: 2010 well… technically ’11…

 You know how some years getting a card out for Christmas just is not going to happen.  Well friends that was last year! We just could not make it work, I didn’t have any locations I liked, something wasn’t clicking.  I think it was just an off year.  Until we got to BEAUTIFUL snowy Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  The setting, about 15*, lake behind Dean & Evie’s house (Justin’s Aunt & Uncle) in EP. It finally came, one snowy morning after Christmas, a snowman.  That is what I wanted to do for our picture, I wanted us to build a snowman and get some construction shots and cute you know, Norman Rockwell-esc pictures and I would send out a Happy New Year’s card! So smart, I don’t know how you do it, that is what I am sure the MR. was thinking… Then it got really warm, and lots of snow melted, then it got really cold. . . and it all froze. So it was ice. Undeterred, I pushed forward- read… I pouted until the Mr. gave in and built me an ice- snowman, who unlike the giant one I envisioned next to us, this guy came up to our waist! HA! He was a wee little lass J  Too funny, I am sure I gave him the stink eye, but once again when you commit you commit!  So we took pictures and I’ll admit, it turned out alright. Not my favorite, but cute non-the-less! And memory made!Happy New Year 2011 (Merry Late 2010 Christmas!)

Year five: 2011

The setting, our living room (I am getting smart y’all) in front of our tree in Wauwatosa, Wi. This year I had the vision right away, presents! I was super productive and wrapped all of our gifts like the moment they were bought this year so everything was really festive and it was the perfect setting.  Plus we just got a new fancy pants camera for Christmas so we were all set, and warm! It really was a nice change of pace!!  But wait, you are thinking too easy! Well, sir, you are correct.  That would have been too easy, not for the Coffman’s we strive for greatness, creativity, measure of difficulty with each card!!! I decided we would wrap big boxes and tie bows on the girls like they were our gifts! AWE! Cute right?!  About an hour later, when we were both sweating from running over and starting the timer on the camera and stuffing the pugs into these boxes, and getting them to stare at the bits of steak on the couch (conveniently in eye shot of the camera) we had a picture! I love this year’s card!!! As I always say, totally worth it 🙂 Merry Christmas 2011!!

 No fears, no animals or husbands were harmed in the making of these cards!  I am already looking forward to what my genius idea will be for 2012, only time will tell!! We will be spending Christmas with the Dedekers (all of them) this year in Minnesota.  I wish we could be in Alaska, Louisiana and California too, but unfortunately we cannot. 

We will miss all of y’all and wish you a Very Merry Christmas!


Justin, Alyson, Betty Lou & Magnolia

 I am grateful for my new iphone (don’t judge yet), because facetime makes it that much easier to be a part of Christmas from far away.


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