Where did my Holidaying go?!

Monday, beautiful house, Christmas movies playing, dogs happy, husband home, pizza for dinner… things were good. Tuesday started off that way and then this happened….“so when are you packing?” WHAT?!?! You want me to pack tonight, four days before I leave? Four days in which I have to continue to go to work at both jobs, while you are on Holiday?! – Ummm no.Cue to hours of avoidance and side eye glares and the constant nagging of the Mr. (who said only wives can nag…) and I am throwing everything I could possibly want need to wear into a pack, GRUMPILY so that we can avoid me checking a bag at the airport on Friday. I even packed my tennis shoes… why is this important?! Because I was trying to make a statement that FINE I’ll pack so you can have it your way, blah blah blah…

Turns out when your second job is teaching aerobics… you probably shouldn’t pack your tennis shoes, the only ones that don’t give you shin splints for days after wearing, out of spite. SHOOT!!!! @#$@#%@$#%#@$@!#$   Point – husband.?HILARIOUS!andsome!!!

PS I also didn’t pack one single pair of underwear?! Over share maybe,? but really, how did I miss my entire pile on the ironing board. Now, I am panicking that they are going to search my bag at the airport that will have a couple of gifts, make-up, hair stuff, and an obnoxious pile of underwear. I might look like I have a weird situation, or fetish, or I am a hoarder!!!! AHHHHH!!! OMGOSH, please do not search my bag!!!! LE SIGH!

 Wednesday morning I woke up to leave the house at 6:30AM so that I can park his massive truck ½ mile from where I work because apparently, my garage only accepts 8 large vehicles a day?! WHAT! Can you imagine if this was AK, ummm I’m sorry every person in the state, only 8 of you can park your vehicles today, the rest… take a sleigh.  Then while he was getting to have a Holiday. . . I was working…. Which is what I will be doing until Friday. Then I went home where the Christmas spirit had been all vacuumed up (except not really vacuumed, because that would have been spiffy)

–          Stockings that had been hung by the chimney with care…gone

–          Presents wrapped under the tree … gone

–          Pugs… gone

–          Mess….. ALIVE & KICKING!Then I went to work (second job…I like to point that out)… and one of my participants brought me Penzey’s fresh cinnamon & hot cocoa spices J Very happy!!! And another one brought me a bottle of wine 🙂 

And …whoop, just like that my holiday spirit was revived!!!!!Then this picture came to my phone, while at work (yep there’s that work again)

 Ugh. Is it Friday yet?

 Today I am thankful that my job is short-term and teaching will be my long term gig… because once you get used to two weeks at Christmas, it is real hard to be working in the corporate world!!!



  1. I hate when I get my bag packed and organized then the morons at the airport pour everything out. Do you realize how long it took me to get all this crap in here?? Le sigh indeed. That running picture is so accurate! Hope you have a safe trip!

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