So ummmm… like two weeks ago there was a cookie partay…

But first there was a Bake Night!

Of course, anytime  you have to bake a new recipe and set up the house for a cookie exchange your oven is going to stop working?! What?! That is not normal? Weird, because that is precisely what happened Friday night as Kelly and I were finishing up one set of cookies and waiting to put the others in…

Well, we made it through the pinwheels (not a huge success…) tasted great but that recipe is the devil! The dough was super sticky which meant it tore anytime we went to roll it out, then we floured it so much to roll it out, that it became hard and would split while we were creating the jellyroll not fun.  Then the shortbread cookies turned out to be super easy so that was nice… anyways onto my oven turning off…We were cutting out the shortbread cookies and talking about random Facebook things when I told her about this new horrible app I had read about earlier on…

Have you seen this?! CREEPY!!! The just of the app is that a creep guy is stalking you on FB and then drives to your house?! WHY are people using apps like this?!  Okay, so literally 10 minutes pass from the time I have explained to her this app and all the sudden the oven shuts off and the dining room lights go off too… turns out the fridge also went out, but I didn’t know that yet?! Here is a series of our next conversation/chain of events.

Me: the oven just turned off, that was weird.

Kelly: really? Did the timer shut  it off…

Me: huh, nope – I guess our electricity went out (note, all the lights are on at the moment I am saying this)

Kelly: nope, the lights are on…

Me: oh right. Hmmmm, I try to now turn on everything that was off, nothing working.  I wonder if it is broken?! OMG what if the oven is broken, we have cookies to bake?! My oven cannot break the night before a baking partay!!!

Kelly: Maybe you blew a fuse?

Me: ?

Kelly: no, that would be an easy fix, do you have a fuse box?

Me: yes, in the basement, would you know what to do if we were to find it?

Kelly: yes-

Me: okay, let’s go downstairs (remember that creepy app we just talked about…?) I open the door and we head down the stairs towards the basement, I stop to flip the light switch on..nothing happens!  Umm, the lights are not working in the basement, long pause for dramatic effect… RETREAT!!!!

We rush back into the kitchen and lock the door behind us and call the boys. Luckily, they were on their way over…

in the mean time, we made hot toddies (yes?) in the microwave. SUCCESS!

The oven switch was turned back on and all my cookies survived.

 On to the cookie partay!!

This year was my second annual cookie exchange partay (super big time deal) and it was just as festively fabulous as last year!!!  There was 11 exchangers total and that means 11 different kinds of delicious treats to try.  Everyone arrived right around 11 and got to work stuffing all the goodie bags with their treats. This year I did things a little differently, everyone prepackaged 3-4 cookies in a cute festive bag, then I had take-away bags for all the goodies received.  Along with the prepackaged bags they brought a tray of tester cookies for everyone to sample!







We sat down shortly after everyone had arrived and drinks were passed out nothing fancy here… just diet drinksJ for lunch.  I made a cheese/potato soup, rolls and a winter salad and served red velvet cupcakes for dessert! It was a perfect cold winter day menu! We visited and got to know everyone during lunch, I pulled a total teacher move and separated work friends from dental friends… that way furniture and teeth were mentioned sparingly!  We laughed over Malorie’s brothers surprise coming home story (great Air Force leave surprise for her parents) – Amanda’s Hawaiian vacation excitement, and even some of the characters that get work done at the dental school. It is always so nice to get together with a group of girls, you know there is never a silent moment!!!










After lunch, I fixed coffee and we all headed into the living room for the main event! COOKIE EATING!!!!  Oh my goodness, were the cookies ever delicious!!!

Let’s see we had: chocolate espresso, shortbread, almond, amaretto, peanut butter kisses, peanut butter/chocolate filled, gluten-free sugar, cherry, snowballs, pecan wedding fingers, and my pinwheels… and every last one was so tasty!The process for an exchange is simple, if you have never been to one… basically, you talk about your cookie, the tale of the struggle with the mixer, or burning them, or your dog ate the plate etc.. so funny — then you set really low expectations (this is not required, but was a theme of our exchange) then you pass them around, and everyone tells you they are fabulous!!! This year, I took a page from Mom’s party and asked everyone to share their favorite Christmas tradition that their family does, or what they do for Christmas!It was hilarious listening to what people’s parent’s did around the holidays! Umm, Malorie and her parents who hired a man from church to dress up and peer into their window so that her parents could say you better be nice because Santa is watching 🙂 THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! I would be scarred for life thinking that every time I look out a man would be creeping on me! Too funny. It was also interesting to hear how people have changed or merged their traditions since being married, or in a relationship. After all the coffee was gone and the cookies had been tested about half of my guests headed out to study and the rest to enjoy their Saturday afternoon. It really was a fantastically festive event that I am already looking forward to for next year!

I am thankful for all the ladies who chose to spend their Saturday afternoon swapping recipes and stories, it was truly an enjoyable day getting to know all of y’all even better!!


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