Justin Timberlake, Rats & Ugly Sweaters. . . a weekend recap!

A weekend recap: As of 10pm on Thursday we were both officially done with the semester!! YEAH!!!!!!  I wish I knew a word that could accurately describe our gleefulness at this point in time, although as of Thursday night it would have had to be whispered because we were EXHAUSTED! Friday: The Mr. had the day to accomplish oh so much… end result, the pugs got a good walk and he got a lot of sleep then ventured over to the Dental School’s Christmas Party… I worked LLAMO!

After work, all hyped up on Christmas break enthusiasm we made plans to go out and celebrate… instead we rented movies ate leftover ziti and sat on the couch, and let me tell you that was AMAZING.   We watched Michael Bublé’s Christmas special swoon… followed by Horrible Bosses hilarious & wrong in so many ways…  followed by ABC Family’s The 12 Dates of Christmas!!!! SO STINKING CUTE!!!

PS- I make the easiest baked ziti, I’ll post it… so delicious and FAST, a little different from spaghetti & great leftovers!!

Saturday: Let’s see, I woke up around 8 on Saturday, walked Miss Magnolia and then settled in on the couch with a cup of coffee and another Hallmark Christmas movie.  I addressed all of our Christmas cards and even got them in the mailbox before the postman came, YEAH ME!  The Mr. graced me with his presence read lazygotoutofbed… around 10:30 and we got ready and went to the Blue’s Egg Diner for brunch! YUMMY!!!

Let me take a quick second to explain our brunching experience… first off I have been wanting to go here FOREVER, in fact, I am the one who has told the Mr. about it over and over again since last spring. We have never gone.  Then a couple of months ago he calls me AT work, get that I am working now… and he says HE has this GREAT brunch place we have to try, he was just coming back from eating there. Okay, I say, where? The Blue’s Egg?!?!?!!? WHAT! Are you being serious right now? Yes, he says… yes.

This is our conversation: Me: I’ve been telling you about this place for MONTHS, literally.  Him: oh, that is why it sounded so familiar, it is really good, we should go. Me: banging my head on the desk.

Anyways, we got to the Egg and it was PACKED, but luckily it was packed with families, not twosomes J so we got to a table in like five minutes. A few minutes into the meal the doorbell chimes a couple of people I know from work walk in, warning: if you are prone to judging… and you want to think the best of me… skip this next couple of sentences!

So they walk in, I instantly look to my menu and start telling Justin that ______ & ________ from work are here, I DO NOT want them to see me. Poor planning as I am sitting facing the waiting line, and they are now jumping over the little partition to wave high to me. Mission failure. And yes, I waved hello and gave a very do not come over welcoming smile!

Brunch done, we were now two stuffed pigs with two other stuffed pugs at the house! So we headed home to grab the girls and go for a long walk.  Well… another adventure in the land of walking the pugs! We were having a good time, all bundled up did I mention it snowed?! Not much..but still… the pugs were wrestling running, snorting on everything and we were even being adventurous and going off the beaten path.

 NEVER AGAIN! As my dear sweet, attentive, husband was on the phone with his brother, I was screaming hysterically and having a panic attack, he never noticed.  Why, was I panicking do you ask?! Well, because my friends a sewage size rat ran over my perfectly pink hunter boots.  YEP. a  rat ran over my foot. Again, in case you missed that and could not theoretically hear me, cough, cough, Justin, I WAS SCREAMING!  A rat ran over my foot. It was for sure a mouse, but the level of anxiety it caused me made it grow into a nasty butt rat. The NY subway sewage size. It was huge and on top of my foot! UGH!!! GROSSSSSSSS! I quickly ran back to the trail, once my frozen fear melted and we spent the rest of the time in the groomed part of the fields. Yep, because field rats do not live on the groomed grass, this is my logic, do not try to make sense of it husband!

After the field… we headed back to the Redbox to return bosses and rent Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits, a little JT in my day makes for a good one! On the way home we passed these guys… yep 

The plan was to watch a movie, calm down from our mass amount  of food, run a few errands including getting my new iphone :)YEAH for facetime!!!  And then we would go work out… well, everything went accordingly except instead of working out, we ate a little more and took naps. . . a close second! HA!

Saturday night we went downtown to a friend’s loft for a Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.  To say the Mr. was obsessed with his old man outfit would be  an understatement.  I am pretty sure given total control over his wardrobe he would choose to wear this vest in EVERY holiday picture!  Not going to happen … The party was a blast, good food, drinks, friends… bad, horrible sweaters… always a good time!!!  The best was I got to have an in-depth conversation about everything N*Sync. Yep, more JT time.

The worst thing about Saturday, wait, the second worst thing. FIRST obviously being the giant rat running across my foot… was that Sonic in Wisconsin is only open until midnight.  LAME

We slept in big time on Sunday getting up around 10:30, just in time to watch another couple of movies! WOW! relax we sure did this weekend!!!  We hung out around the house, facetimed a little with the rents, walked the pugs and cleaned!  Then we headed over with a fresh batch of chexmix in hand to our neighbors for the Underwood Ave holiday party!

This was really nice, one of our neighbors hosted, Ireallywanttohostnextyear!!!!  They had spiced cider, a chili bar and a wonderful spread of appetizers and dessert that everyone brought along.  We were able to visit with everyone we usually just say hi to on the street.  It really was a perfect ending to a great weekend.

When we got back we watched a Lifetime holiday movie, it was good, really good story, everything except the lead actress, she was horrible. Like painful to watch. But we did. So jokes on us!

Today I am back at work. Armed with the knowledge that this is a four-day week before a ten-day vacation, so I should survive.  It didn’t start well, but a trip to Starbucks and a discovery that the ice rink also is basically a bar turned things around?! Really Wisconsin, you are going to serve alcohol at the ice rink?! Doesn’t that sound a little dangerous?!?!

Today I am grateful for having neighbors who enjoy each other’s company and who have welcomed us and our noisy pugs onto their street!

PS…we have NYE plans! This is huge for us and I am REALLY excited!!! Thank you Groupon!!!


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