Combating the Monday Blues!

Why I know we are lucky.

 The other day the Mr. & I were driving somewhere… I don’t remember and per my usual I finished a conversation I was having in my head out loud. Do y’all ever do this, all the sudden I went from a split brain talking …. Then whoops, that was out loud, or I make the facial expressions, or start nodding my head… please tell me you do this!? Otherwise I am weird…Anyways, out of apparently nowhere, I turn to Justin and said, we are really lucky.  His response was I know, I was just thinking that the other day. Really? WOW! We are not usually on the same wave length. 

I said, really? Why do you think we are lucky?  He said just look around, we live in a nice house, in a great neighborhood, we have supportive families, and families that we agonize over where we are going to live so that we can be close to them because we want our future bambinos to know their grandparents like we know ours… We have a great relationship (swoon), good friends, pugs etc… he just went on and on. Then he said, what brings this up, why do you think we are lucky.  Get ready… typical me.I said, well, now I know we are really lucky… but I was just going to say because we can do beach vacations together and have a blast! HA!  Clearly, at this point he said, so we were close to on the same page huh! 🙂 I like to bring us back to reality.

 I went on to explain, that week at work I had a conversation with a coworker about how much fun we had in Hawaii just the two of us, on the beach and eating out, walking, laughing, napping… just us. My coworker said that they couldn’t imagine doing that with just their spouse because what would you talk about ?!?!  I guess we just talk, about lots, bambinos, surfers, random teeth related stuff, gossip, family… food… sleep… LSU etc… anything. We just talk. Of course it would be fun to vacation with friends, and we hope to do that one day hint hint dental friends let’s get to planning!  But it is great just being together.

 I know that we have a lot to be grateful for and this is the time of the year when topics like this come up, but it is also nice to just feel lucky every now and again… I mean if I am not going to have the luck to win the Real Simple Holiday giveaway, then I am glad that luck has blessed us in many other much more important (although I do love the container store)ways.I think a lot of times we get busy and just simply cut each other out of our day, we say hey, bye, how was your day.. and all the other obligatory sayings that Mr. & Mrs.’s do daily—  Or perhaps we are too focused on what we do not have, a destination after school, bambinos, this, that or the other thing…  either way, we aren’t really present in our marriage, while it happens… it is not a good thing, well…this weekend my Mr. took those extra steps to be there for me, when he has SOOOO much more to be doing.  Saturday morning, he got up early with me and helped me clean, get the fire going, move furniture etc.. in preparing for my cookie party, I COULD NOT have gotten ready without his help.  Then Sunday, after I slept for like 13 hours (zzzzzzzzzz so sleepy) I woke up to a fresh pot of coffee and a roaring fire in the fireplace J AWE!!! To some crazy people this may not sound like much – however, Justin has been living in the library and our office for the past couple of weeks studying for finals, he is really busy and he easily could have used those extra hours to prepare, but he chose to put me first, even for such simple things as bringing wood in and making coffeeI cannot think of a better start to any morning.

 So as I was sitting at lunch and grumbling about my job, the cold weather, the post office trip looming over me for tonight, and all my finals this week, I started smiling thinking about that cup of coffee and roaring fire and was reminded how LUCKY I am.  And that… is a positive way to start my week!Today I am grateful for a having a Mr. who goes the extra mile to make my day a little better, and that school is officially done for both of us for the semester on Thursday!!!

 Okay sappy post over 🙂 Cookie exchange and baking night post tomorrow !!!Huge success!!


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