It was a fabulous Turkey Day Y’all!

I had such great intentions of posting this right after Thanksgiving, but life has been flying by this past week and it just didn’t happen… oh well…here is a recap of our much-needed weekend away to the Twin Cities!

Thursday morning we woke up in Eden Prairie and got to visiting and baking, I decided on a brie and our sweet potato recipe for my contribution! YUMMY! Justin’s grandmother had the parade on for me that morning as we were baking and she caught me up on all the family happenings on the Dedeker side 🙂

A little bit of baking, a couple of naps and lots of pug playing time later we received the call that THE TURKEY was ready and we needed to hightail it over to Justin’s Aunt & Uncle’s house (approximately 1.5 miles down the road…) and get to eating!

And eat we did… Conner fixed a delicious bird, there was stuffing, sweet and mashed potatoes, rolls, apple & pumpkin pie and probably more but it’s been a week… everything was sooooooo good and the conversation was even better.  It was so fun to catch up with this family because a lot has gone on since the last time we had seen them.

We laughed as Derek a freshman at TCU tried to describe a foam mixer to his grandparents, a challenging feat for sure, you mean you are in a room of bubbles? Like a bath? What were you wearing? Girls were there too?  WOW! We could barely stifle our laughter as we waited to hear his answers, very cute, EXTREMELY entertaining!!

After dinner we sat down to play a couple of games, Catch Phrase and Funglish! These games are hilarious especially when played with a group of highly competitive family members.  It made me think back to playing spoons at Gramma’s house after a holiday meal or Cadillac with Granny & Pawpaw, equally as competitive and LOUD!!!

A little bit of coffee later and their kitchen was turned into a Honky Tonk and we were learning to two-step.  This is significant on a few different levels, let’s start with who was teaching… Mr. Cowboy Derek who for as long as I have known him has mocked Justin for saying y’all (now, he says y’all is his favorite word, “you can just use it for everything!”) and catching the occasional accent after his years in Louisiana—next, four-ish short years ago we were made fun of for listening to “honky tonk” country music…now, he can sing any country song and dance like he was born and raised in Texas— and finally, Justin used to avoid dancing like he avoids the Tiffany’s catalog and now I keep finding us learning new dances or just “throwing our hands up” at the first sign of a dance party!

“you just take her like this, turn her here, there, come back, create space, no eye contact, focus, turn again, turn again, spin inwards, step left, now right, come back, BAM dip, dip again, and bring it in for a hug” NEXT! He shouted these instructions to us as we tripped fell, bumped arms to head etc… Laughing the entire time.

Next the pretzel, OKAY??!!  The key is that Derek and his dance partner for the night Kylie (sister) are naturally really good dancers, us not so much. But we got there and now, we are ready to throw on our boots, and wranglers and get to the closest western bar for a little two-step action!!

Derek was trying to teach Conner how to dance here… funny, is an understatement!

Come Christmas, we will be rocking this dance, I just hope we can find a dance hall in the cities where he can show us on a real floor the ways of the two-steppin’ world!

A couple of dance hours later the shopping began…


This Thanksgiving I was grateful for living close enough to be able to drive over to spend the holiday with our family!


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