Friday Five: Five Days of Cupcakes!

I know… a couple of days late… but this past week has been CRAZY! 

This week was a bitter-sweet one for me, my close friend at work is finally getting to join her husband in Kentucky where he has been for a couple of months starting a new job.  I am so completely sad that she is leaving, also jealous that she is getting to move back home to be in the South and near her family!  So, Lori is a fan of cupcakes and is always a willing to be a taste tester when I am trying out a new recipe! This week I decided to make it a cupcake farewell week for Lori and each day I baked a new recipe!

1) Monday: Chocolate Velvet & Cinnamon Browned Buttercream Frosting

This cupcake was an adapted chocolate velvet cake with a cinnamon browned butter cream cheese frosting! It was a new recipe from the Holiday Southern Living edition!

2) Tuesday: Crazy for coconut

A coconut cake with a coconut cream cheese frosting

3) Wednesday: Peach Praline

Another new recipe, this one is a keeper!!! Peach cupcake with a brown sugar praline topping… I realize the picture is a little awkward… but the cupcakes were delish! HAHAHA!

4) Thursday: PINTEREST Find!!!  Mini- King Cake Cupcakes

I am going to be making these all the time, a perfect breakfast cupcake (brilliant right?!) Great to dunk in a fresh, hot, cup of coffee!!!

5) Friday: My fave! Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

This is my favorite recipe, one day I’ll post it!! So, so, good! Apparently everyone at work agreed, because they were gone in minutes!

I will miss you so much Lori!!!!!!



  1. bob jensen says:

    Thanks for the update! … Peggy loves your blog! Are you guys planning any trips down south in the near future so we might be able to see you before the Good Lord takes us home? Merry Christmas to you and yours! Love You … Uncle Bob and Aunt Peggy

  2. Note to self – do not click on a link that says cupcakes 15 minutes before lunch and when I am already starving. These look amazing, especially the red velvet ones!

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