Cabela’s the craziest place on Black Friday!

This was SHOCKING to me!! I dropped the boys off Thursday night and headed straight to Target for the mid-night opening, with just a few things on my list I thought WHY NOT!

***a little history on why these two words always seem to get me in trouble! A few years ago I was talking to Mom about something, probably shopping and she explained to me her new theory of “why not” – should I buy these shoes? WHY NOT?!  I am pretty sure that no girls can ever come up with a good enough answer to the why not that would prevent them from buying the shoes!  Since that first conversation I have had the same one OH SO MANY times with friends that we all explain our purchases under the tent of why not!  Great for our closets…..***

Can I just take a minute to honor the Target Lady Black Friday commercials! SHE CRACKS ME UP!!!!  I was so tempted to find a bright red jogging suit to wear shopping! I love her and her pre-shopping conditioning routines!

Anyways the line for the Target opening was literally wrapped around the side of the EP Mall, nope- not waiting in that line, so I drove around to Kohl’s and picked up a few things for Christmas.  I have to crack up at this Kohl’s experience because the MAJORITY of the people shopping there at 12:00AM were buying these electric griddles?! WHAT? I could not comprehend staying up shopping all night to buy griddles, but they were PUMPED!  Maybe they were saying why not, we like pancakes, like a lot! HA!

After Kohl’s I headed back to Target and started checking things off my list, a couple of hours later, mostly spent in the check-out line I was heading home to pick up Justin and his cousins to head out to Cabela’s in order to hopefully win either gift cards or a gun…here is the just, the first 800 people who walk into Cabela’s are given a sweatshirt and can draw for a prize— prizes include, 1 gun (can’t remember what kind…) or a gift card ranging from $5-$200…..  Oh, my sweet naive boys, who think that arriving to Cabela’s an hour before the doors open will get you in the running for that gun… not so much.  We pulled into the parking lot to meet at least a couple of thousand of people in line already. SHOCKED! They were shocked! I dropped them off at the back of the line which was already wrapped around the store and out the parking lot- then I headed out to the outlets to finish up my shopping!!!

By the time I returned to the place where every man in the state was currently shopping… for themselves (I listened to many men discussing their purchases, not so much gift shopping going on!)… the boys were just getting started.  So I did what I do best when in the store for all things camouflage, I drank coffee and stood in line… the line to checkout the first time through took 73 minutes to get to the register… the second time through it took 89 minutes, yes I timed this… Why not 🙂

But the highlight of my day had to be our experience driving through the Caribou Coffee line before Cabela’s!  First of all, it was FINALLY time to switch over to the Eggnog latte!! I always wait until Black Friday to make the switch, so appropriately at 4:00am I thought the time was now! We pulled in and the lady WAY too cheery screamed into the speaker, GOOD MORNNNNNNING welcome to Caribou what can I get for you ….. Pause 2.2 seconds and she started over! WOW!!! TOO MUCH COFFEE!!!  Then…at Caribou their eggnog latte is called the Fa La Latte, but at 4am Justin ordered a falalalala latte! Then drinks for the rest of them including a tall, black hot mango tea for Conner (gross! And quite prissy) but as Justin ordered we all laughed!

When we pulled forward to collect our drinks the hyperactive barista went on and on about how it had been all women all night/morning. They were the first men, wow, men shopping on Black Friday, how unusual, so special, so fun, so exciting, are you excited etc… I was dying laughing and Justin could not pull away faster! It was great, thanks lady for pointing out the obvious that men don’t shop today, now he will NEVER go again.

There was much more shopping that afternoon, followed by napping, a LSU victory an intense game of Mexican Train dominos and then more sleeping… as shown below… more was needed! I am still incredibly happy because I ROCKED Black Friday!!!!

I was so grateful for the company of Justin, Conner, & Derek on this Black Friday!!! 


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