Cooking Confessions

I still can’t decide what I am bringing to Thanksgiving Dinner ummm, tomorrow! This week has won, beat me, crushed me and my thoughts have been given over to an Aleve induced coma! Ugh.  Anyways, I have packed a load of Southern Livings and other recipe magazines for the drive and I will pick out a few options. Then tomorrow we can brave the grocery with all the other last minuters… there should really be a name for people who wait for the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas or a big game to go to the grocery, other than insane…

 Today I thought I would share a few confessions from Holidays past!  PS if you were at the dinner where I served this dish, I may or may not have told you the full truth… I said the holidays are for being grateful…not honest 🙂

Sweet potato casserole: this dish has two confessions, I still think my mom’s confession is worse…HA!!

 Part 1: Moving too fast

About three Thanksgivings ago we were living with my parents and we were attending two separate Thanksgiving Day dinners.  Now, that is not the challenging part, I was raised where two of every big dinner was the norm, we learned at an early age how to eat like a champ during the holidays…

 I was cooking for two dinners and for both dinners I was making a staple dish sweet potato casserole.  Ours is a pecan brown sugar topping, not marshmallow.  Between me and mom, we were probably cooking 20 different things that all had to be done the day of.  It was MAYHEM!   Imeanineedanexcuse! With everything done, cooked, wrapped and ready except for the sweet potatoes all I had to do was put them in the oven to bake and get myself ready… well that is what I did.  About 10 minutes later I hear my dad start laughing and tell me to come see…not only did I put the sweet potatoes in the oven, I did so with the plastic clear cover (you know the store foil pans with the lids) on one of the pans. So I baked a plastic lid right into my potatoes. PANIC!

 Well, when we panic we laugh, so laugh we did. Followed by a lot of googling to see what the effects of melting plastic then taking it out of the item then eating it would do… typical Thanksgiving day fodder! HA!  This is where The General stepped in…”we would eat them both, they are fine!” OKAY?!?!?!  We did, I don’t remember read…won’t tell  which household I fed the plastic one too, but I know we only ate sweet potatoes one time that year…


Part 2: We make our sweet potatoes from the cans you can buy, already peeled, soft etc… excellent timesaver, plus that way they are good and orange.  You know, yellow-ish sweet potatoes require food coloring and that just seems worse?! So Katlyn a good family friend of ours was cooking for all of her in-laws in their first house with a tiny (TEENY TINY) oven so tiny a turkey would not fit and she was doing everything!!!  She called my mom for her sweet potato recipe which she gave minus one detail.

 As she was telling us later about all the hard work to make the casserole between cleaning the potatoes, baking them, peeling them, coloring them etc… we started dying laughing (pretty much the Boyd response to everything ) – Mom had to confess that she uses the cans, after she baked them from scratch! Nice job mom! Note to anyone who may request a recipe from us, if there is a way to eliminate a step or have someone else do something for us, you should just check … we like to buy things 🙂  “HEALTHY 30-minute” green beans:

Typical Rachael Ray fooled me again, one year I was going to make her snappy fresh and healthy green beans for Thanksgiving.  The just of the recipe was fresh green beans, soy sauce, salt, and water.  It looked promising. First off it took me well over a ½ hour to get the green beans ready – not everyone has a production staff Rachael, that should not be included in the time!  Then I started cooking them… one hour later they were finally soft enough to eat but who would want to! YUCK!

 So I added more soy sauce, nope… then I added a little more salt, nope… then I brought out the big guns, I fried up some really thick cut fatty bacon, drizzled the beans with the grease and let the large strips of bacon lay in the beans.  YEP! That did the trick. Those suckers were TASTY!  I removed the bacon before taking them over, and just kept with the theme of healthy. . .

Bad Drivers= tossed devil eggs:

One year we were driving to Granny’s house for Thanksgiving and my responsibility was the relish tray (WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY) and deviled eggs, two dozen there was going to be about 10 people there… that is approximately 4 eggs a person, a little much… never….

 We were about 5 minutes from their house and driving along Pines Rd when a car pulled out in front of us causing us (read… the Mr.) to swerve up onto a lawn barely missing a mailbox and power pole.  While he is giving that car long gone  a what for it… I was telling him how I can’t believe he would do that mess up my eggs and relish tray! I am screaming, we can’t show up to Granny’s without the relish tray! She’ll kill me!!! Here is where the fun started… I thought he could have at least hit something so when we showed up empty or (destroyed) handed she would see the car damage and all would be good. – He called me crazy—  or let the car hit us, that way when we showed up empty-handed she would see we were in an accident and it was the other person’s fault (read what you want into that) she would have just been glad we were okay (well, she would have also asked about the relish tray… ) he said I was INSANE!

 Pull over, I continued on like a perfectly sane Southern woman about to show up at Granny’s sans eggs and relish tray – I hope you are catching onto the importance here!  Well, I picked up the fixins’ for the relish tray off the floor (pre-pugs)  dusted literally them off and repositioned them for presentation value.  Hush, I told him, Granny does not need to know!

Well, my friends, when a tray holding 48 filled to the brim deviled eggs goes flying, the mess is substantial.  We managed to save about 15 eggs, then we stopped at the grocery store to buy more. They were closed. YIKES! The Mr. now thinking I should be admitted to a padded room refused to drive around to find an open store, or to go back to the scene and hit the power pole… so we continued on to Granny’s. 

 And wouldn’t you know, when I showed her my relish tray (ok, made it to the table) then my eggs she said is that all you brought?!  So in channeling Mom I went into the most dramatic recreation tale of our drive over and whew, we are just glad to be safe.  Granny’s response was to call in my cousin to help me make more deviled eggs.   I sent an I told you death look to the Mr. who was still gathering more cleaning supplies to get deviled egg out of my carpet!

Today I am grateful for Justin who will be driving us over to EP, I should add also really grateful for ESPN Baton Rouge radio so I can sleep while he drives. Again, the little things!



  1. Too funny! That’s granny for you and Justin still married into this family????

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