Friday Five: Thanksgiving!


In preparation for the kick-off to all my Christmas festivities this week’s Friday Five I decided I would dedicate to the five things I most look forward to about Thanksgiving! Shockingly not all are food related, but don’t get me wrong there are at least 25 food items I look forward to for the full year, but I am choosing to not be a fatty food obsessed on this one!

Friday Five: Happy Turkey Day!

1) Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: This one is a little bitter sweet to me, for as long as I can remember, I mean back to watching the tiny TV in the corner of Granny’s kitchen, I have watched the parade with my Mom on Thanksgiving morning. When I was little I would chop pecans while sitting at the bar with Mom in the kitchen and we would talk and watch the parade, in later years we would be bumping into each other making 2 dozen recipes at the same time (never a shortage of food when a Boyd is cooking!) with the parade on in the background. It is not something we sit down and just watch, but it is always on in the background. So far I have only had to watch the parade alone a few times (I should mention mostly it is alone as in not in the same house as her, we are on the phone most of the morning asking cooking questions, or comparing menus!) and it is not my favorite, I just hope that in 2.5 years when we move our miles will be lessened so that we can get back to the tradition! I know that no matter who is hosting we will still be cooking together! ***Also, Mom we have to go one year!!! ***

With my cousin & her husband at our last Thanksgiving Dinner with Granny, lots of great memories!

2) Catching Up: Living in Alaska meant that a lot of holidays were spent with our extended family the Grieses. Of course, throughout the year we would get together all of us for the random BBQ or dinner, but we knew that if we weren’t going home (to La) for a holiday we would be spending it together and I loved it! I looked forward to catching up with Katlyn & Lauren and in later years add David into the mix and now Dylan (who I still haven’t met!) but we always had a good time, laughing, playing games, eating way too much. Now when I look forward to going home I always look forward to seeing my second family. We are all spread across the U.S. now, but it doesn’t matter, because family is family and when we get together after days, months, or years it’s like no time has passed, we are just a little more talkative! Since living in Milwaukee, we will spend Thanksgiving with Justin’s family in Minneapolis. Between our combined school and work schedules we don’t get over there nearly as often as we would like, so this Thanksgiving I am looking forward to catching up with the Dedekers!

3) Menu Planning: Looking through the latest Southern Living Holiday edition, old recipe cards, and cookbooks when preparing for Thanksgiving is one of my favorite things to do! I repeat this for Christmas and get just as excited!! We of course have a few staples, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs, corn-bread dressing etc… those are my favorites so they are right on my mind… But lately as I am apparently turning into my mom, I have been obsessed with trying new recipes. I love thumbing through the glossy pages of Southern food at its best and folding down corners, then talking with the other chefs to figure out who is doing what! A few years ago Mrs. Linda, Katlyn, Mom & I sat down together with stacks of magazines and books and started making lists, you would have thought we were feeding hundreds… not 12! HA! I think more than the actual meal I enjoy the preparations and planning then it all just comes together for the feast at dinner.

With Mom at the Griese’s Thanksgiving 2009? I think!

4) The food: I mean, let’s be real. This is the main event of the day and I am so ready for the first carving of the turkey. Justin’s cousin Conner is in charge of the Turkey again this year and I am drooling just thinking about that bird. Conner is a sophomore (OMGOSH!) in high school and he can cook one mean turkey! The Northern Folk’s J menu is a little different than what I grew up with, but disappoint, it does not! I haven’t decided what I will make yet, I am thinking I’ll look into that this weekend, I did see a pumpkin pecan cheesecake on the cover of SL and it looks pretty fabulous…& I am already thinking about my outfit, needs to have a little spare room for the filling J HAHAHAHA!!! & don’t judge me, you know y’all pig or maybe turkey it up on Thanksgiving too!

Justin’s Turkey last year for Christmas!First try and he killed it…haha!

5) Giving Thanks: Until a couple of years ago when my mom and Mrs. Linda would say, okay now let’s all go around the table and say what we are thankful for (with ÜBER enthusiasm) I would roll my eyes like the rest of the group then spit out something when it was my turn… probably something like, I’m glad I don’t have school tomorrow, or so thankful that we could all be together (canned answer) then a couple of years ago we had a pretty rough fall and a huge disappointment, that Thanksgiving when we went around the table the Mr. gave a really nice thankful statement basically to my parents for giving us so much and just being there for both of us literally in Oregon then when we had to move back and I sat there and realized, life is real… I guess before that point in time I had never dealt with a personal life altering disappointment. Not sadness, but disappointment. It was then that I realized how right he was, we need to stop daily and be thankful for something. Now I am a full participant of this activity and I really do appreciate taking a couple of minutes away from catching up to point out being thankful for something in our lives, for there is so much!!!

My Thanksgiving mantle!

Cheers to the food, family and being thankful and Happy Turkey Day preparations for everyone!! Wish we could spend it together!

Oh, and the day after Thanksgiving may be one of my top 5 favorite days of the year…



  1. bob jensen says:

    Well I bet you are excited to finally be home away from the sunshine, ocean breeze, beautiful sunsets, surf and sand! Hope you guys had a great time … we’re still mad at you for not taking us! Love you … Uncle BOB

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