Flashback to High School

The whole reason we went on our Hawaiian get-a-way was to see this guy get married!

Justin and I have both known Landon since middle school, me through my brother and his sister… Justin through basketball…which is also how he became friends with these guys.

And now for the starting line-up of the Colony Knights (lots of cheering, spotlight on the court … boys basketball was kind of big deal :)…) Justin, Landon, Jon & Joe ………………& the newest member of the group, Steven- Steven has been both Landon and Joe’s roommate in Vegas.  He was just like the rest of them, except during stories I would translate and introduce the new characters that he didn’t know, “Enga,” random girls, other teams etc.. I was his translator into CHS history!

I have to say that beyond the actual wedding I was most excited about seeing all the guys back together again. It has been a LONG time, like high school long time! umm, 8 years, omgoshweareold!

They did not disappoint. I was laughing the entire time as they discussed specific plays, shots, misses, tackles (bball was apparently a contact sport up north), games, girls, etc… it was as if the 2003 state championship tournament was last week. I should note their memories were quite impressive especially, since Justin can’t remember to take out the trash every Thursday! I took it out this morning then preceded to back into the can and then have to pick it all up, it was gross, cold and I was running late… a little bitter!

Along with memory lane, it was fun to hear about all that has gone on in everyone’s lives since graduation. While Facebook is okay for “keeping up with friends,” nothing is better than actual interactions!!!

Let me tell you what- these boys been busy – Joe has traveled the world in the Air Force (y’all, he ran with the bulls while in Spain?!?!), Jon is now student teaching and he and his wife are expecting a baby this April (yeah!!), Steven (while just meeting him) just finished filming a reality show in South Africa by the same people who do The Hills!!! Can’t wait for that to air, and of course the star of the show, Landon is coming off of a successful run on America’s Got Talent and is now meeting with all sorts of people in Vegas about potential shows and oh right… he got married last weekend 11-11-11!

Now on to the main event! The wedding!!  Landon and Harmony rented out two gigantic BEAUTIFUL beach houses about 10 minutes from Turtle Bay.  The houses were on the same lot about 30 yards from each other, the Swank party in one house and Harmony’s clan in the other, friends sprinkled between!!

The day of the wedding was beautiful, just slightly breezy (slight under-exaggeration) and a perfect temperature.  They were married on the lawn then took pictures down on the beach, so, so, pretty!

Harmony had a really cute idea for the girls to carry leis and then to hold them in the shape of a heart!


After pictures we headed into Harmony’s house where the living room had been transformed for the reception…

The reception was a blast, we ate, danced, Harmony and her MOH sang one of their real songs – yeah, they used to be a pop group BelleVoxx (check them out on iTunes) NBD 🙂 and we continued celebrating their wedding until late evening.  It was a blast! I am so happy we were able to be there for his wedding, meet the bride and visit with old friends.

Now the key is staying in touch– Jon and his wife are not that far away, and their little one is due in April, so I am going to be persistent on getting down there to meet the newest Elliot!

Today I am grateful for time spent with old friends, making new ones and sharing memories and lots of laughs during a week in paradise!


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