And I know this is the place for me…

Take one part sand, and one part sea,one part shade of a big palm tree…

Sing it to me Zac Brown!  Cue Pandora, our beach towels, and a good book or packet of reproduction organ notes (cough, ick, cough, stop studying Justin) and you have our vacation!

Rise & Shine!

I am pretty sure the latest we slept-in until last week was 9am… and that was after the bride/groom party the night before that pushed our bedtime to 4am…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Let me tell  you about the best routine the husband and I have EVER had!

Wake-up: drink guava juice, pack cooler, beach bag and apply really strong SPF (8…) I’m looking for some color people!

Beach: until hungry, usually about 4 hours

Lunch: SHRIMP TRUCK!!!!  Okay, this may sound crazy, but next to the beach and of course the wedding 🙂 I was most excited for the coconut shrimp from the shrimp truck!  When we were there four+ years ago, my dad took us to this truck that sold the best, fresh shrimp with sides of rice and a salad. I have yet to have better coconut shrimp.  In fact this was my wedding day lunch date with dad!

The Mr. has been a little skeptical about the shrimp… I however, have been discussing it at length since we booked our flights. I think he still wrestles with my memory for good food places! I don’t forget a good meal… diet issue #1! Anyways, we hit up my shrimp truck Wednesday for lunch and it did not disappoint!

AHHHHH!!! Check out these beauties! YUMMY! 

The owners of this truck are Japanese and do not speak much English beyond the menu and drink options. So we were cracking up when another tourist decided to let the hostess/cook know that he was putting their truck on trip adviser! HAHAHA!!! To say she was graciously agreeing to something she did not understand would be an understatement, but she was happy!  This man continued to try to explain it was pretty funny to watch because he was on persistent man and she had NO clue what he was talking about!

We went back the next day during a monsoon where I became emotionally attached to Clara (a stray dog, that I named, who loved me) that turned me into a wreck?!  I cannot handle stray animals, except chickens, stray chickens do not bother me!


After lunch we would stop for some fresh fruit or sugar cane for dessert then head back to the beach and stay until around 4 then onto our wedding events, more on those later!

Today I am grateful for a heater that is working, because BRRRRRR it’s cold in here!



  1. Congratulations Aly … you have made Peggy and I very jealous! You know that we love the islands and those pictures are very hurtful … especially since we’re stuck in this terrible place called Louisiana! You and Justin look great … Peggy and I would look better on the beach! Keep sending those blog updates. We love you both … Aloha … Uncle BOB

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