I am watching my tan fade as I write this post!  I HATE cold weather & I miss my beaches so much. yes, my beaches…I wrote my name on that sand!

So last week on Monday, we left Chicago and flew into Honolulu to spend the rest of the week on the North Shore of Oahu and let me just say that may be my very favorite place on earth.

Ah… Sunset beach, oh how I miss sleeping on your sand while I watched the fearless and possibly crazy surfers ride your giant waves!

First of all, I am sending a BIG, GIANT, HUGE, thank you out to Landon and Harmony for choosing to get married in Hawaii this November… otherwise, I would have spent last week sitting at my desk staring at the computer screen… and really this view is MUCH better!

Monday, we rushed out of Milwaukee positively giddy with anticipation of  beaches, shrimp-trucks,  seeing old friends and visiting the resort where we were married over 4 years ago!

After 20+ hours of traveling, one restless night on the floor of the Portland Airport, lots of lattes, a rental car pick-up (a convertible so fun!) and a short drive out to the North Shore we were ready to begin our vacation!

We checked into our condo right on the golf course at Turtle Bay and began relaxing… and then didn’t stop for four WONDERFUL days!


We spent Tuesday evening visiting with the bride & groom and their families, it was nice night of catching up and preparing for the week of celebration as Justin named it for all wedding activities! “Get ready for the best day of your life,!” yep, that is what my Mr. would shout anytime there was silence in the conversation… all week…

I’m not sure if he was feeling the romance of the wedding spirit and remembering our wedding (doubtful) … or trying to make up for all the times last weekend I heard that Saturday… the day LSU beat Bama was the best day of his life… (more likely) HA!!!

Anyways, we crashed Tuesday night and woke up bright any early to hit the beach for some sun, sand and sleep!  I have about 1,000 more pictures -new camera… lots… lots… lots of pictures… so I’ll share more throughout the week, I am just catching up on sleep, trying to keep my tan and petting my pugs for today! Tomorrow, back to reality… until then… ALOHA!

Today I am grateful for having a week off from work, school and daily responsibilities to just lay out & hang out with my Mr. on the beaches of Oahu!


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