Let’s Merry

I kind of love the new tag for Starbucks coffee sleeves!  While some people are grumbling about Christmas starting before Thanksgiving, I am embracing the holiday season with gusto! I LOVE the holidays and I am ready to start decorating/baking/listening/drinking and anything else holiday related!


 Tuesday morning, I may have started listening to my all time favorite Christmas album… guesses…


 Then Justin informed me that Michael Bublé has a new Christmas album, need to download and yesterday on Ellen, Justin Bieber said he has a new one… yes, downloading that too.  I don’t care that I am 25, I love Christmas music & possibly Bieber’s music too, I’m just saying the kid has catchy songs!!!

With Hallmark set to record three new movies this weekend at odd times due to the LSU v. Bama game, no interruptions please, I am ready to begin the season.  Although, this morning I still opted for the pumpkin spice, I have not transitioned to the Christmas Lattes yet. All in due time.

 Happy Start to the Holiday Season!

 Today I am grateful for friends who update me when Starbucks has their new season lattes! I mean, really it’s the simple things in life!!


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