One WEEK!!!

In one week we will have boarded our flight in Chicago for Hawaii! In one week we will have said goodbye to our little pugs and Aloha to the Turtle Bay Resort! In one week we will be back to where we became husband and wife and started down this road of marriage. In one week we will be joining the festivities of a good friend as he and his bride to be, say “I do”.  ONE week and I can hardly stand it I am so excited!

So, for one week we will both workout like our lives depend on it, we will study and try our hardest to get as far ahead in school as possible so we don’t have to study while on the beach… and for one week I will procrastinate doing laundry and packing because I hate laundry and somehow we don’t own a suitcase?!

And for a little less than one week I will plan for my menu for the LSU v. Bama game it’s going to be good J, decide on a new hair style for my Saturday apt, shop for last minute items, and make a ridiculously over the top list for the pugs so that our WONDERFUL friends who are watching them will know what to do if anything happens, short of them transforming into great danes, they will be covered.

One week… then one week of the beach, good friends, lunch & dinner dates, shrimp trucks, surfing, sunrises and sunsets on the beach, warmth, … and even better one week of time together at our favorite resort.  Ahhhh!!!

Just one week.

Today I am grateful for our relaxing and oh so productive weekend spent watching football, working on school work, cleaning and napping all with Justin so that we began this week refreshed and ready to get out of town…in one week J omgsoexcited!



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