Would you rather…?

One of the first blogs I started following is Living Like the Kings and each Friday Kat does a Friday Five post about anything from fall fashion to different recipes etc.. this week she did a fun post from the game would you rather… below are my answers to her questions!

1.  Would you rather find True Love or $10,000.

Hmmmm, just kidding! True love for sure, this love and marriage business is pretty much fantastic!

2.  Would you rather be able to Read Minds or Fly?

This one is real tricky for me, I think I would love to be able to read minds, but that is dangerous and I don’t think this works so that I can pick and choose what I hear… but I really hate heights so flying isn’t something I’m real big on… but being able to fly would be pretty great!

Hawaii every time if snows, yes please!!

3.  Would you rather Always say everything on your mind or Never speak again?

EASY! Always say everything on my mind. I would hate to never speak again!!

4.  Would you rather live someplace where it’s Winter every single day of your life or Summer every single day of your life?


5.  Would you rather Live a long life without ever falling in love or Live a short life but experience a passionate romance?

I have to go with short life with the romance!



  1. We have 4 inches of freakin’ snow on the ground today! I want the summer…like…now! 🙂

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