Carving pumpkins with Dental School students and their mad hand skilz

On a daily basis I hear about a few things –  one of them being hand skills and how blahblahblahblah really important for a future dentist they are, usually something else about teeth (floss each tooth 6 times yeah right… brush the full two minutes, did you just bite more to the right side?!)  and always did you shut the windows before turning on the heat! Ugh! Stop monitoring my heating usage!!

Back to the carving pumpkins with dental school students, I feel it is an accurate title due to the fact that myself and the other non-DSS Lee were done carving our pumpkins a healthy 1/2 hour before they were even close. To top it off  Lee even did a lot of the pumpkin scalping for us before starting. Point non-DSS’s for speedy pumpkin carving!

Last Friday after our trip to the pumpkin patch we had friends over for a pumpkin carving night!  I was so happy they indulged my five-year-old self and spent their Friday night of fall break carving!!  That morning I put on a pot of Zesty Steak Chili to cook for the day and then prepared my pumpkin corn bread (FAILURE), baked potatoes, pumpkin cookies and got the stuffing ready for the baked apples. The plan was for everyone to bring their favorite toppings and we would have a potato bar with the chili!  Excellent idea if I do say so myself!!!

A glimpse at our potato bar topping list: lots of cheese, bacon,  sour cream, herb-homemade “farm” butter, fresh salsa, broccoli and there was probably more but I am still in a toppings coma … yummm toppings 🙂  The best part about the options was choosing how to delicately split up the potatoes to get the most for our little guy, we probably all topped our potato several times to get maximum flavor experiences!  Drooling yet?

Everything was delicious minus the pumpkin cornbread which despite the recipe’s promise for a savory treat was just too sweet to go with my zesty chili! Oh well, worth the attempt! Once we were sufficiently stuffed we got to work!

Pumpkin guts everywhere!

Luckily, Tara is a talented pumpkin artist so she created an outline for the owl I wanted, but it turned out to be really complicated… so Justin carved it out for memadskilzitellyou  while I handled his DU duck head!  Katie and Lee did candy corn and a Jack O ‘Lantern, Derrick did a dental implant…I think… I am pretty sure it is Mr. Peanut?  And Tara did a shark… I mean a map cut out of the Upper Peninsula, but seriously, a shark 🙂

After our masterpieces were created we took them out for a test run and convinced a few kids passing by to take our pictures. One of the kids started guessing our pumpkins, “owl, duck head, Jack O ‘Lantern , candy corn, mouthwash, ummmmmmm…… so much for her guessing dental implant and map of the UP- where was her head! HA!

Freezing (me) we headed back in to enjoy the  baked apples and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins that Katie brought and rounded out our evening!  Are Y’all hungry after reading this… it was yummy, I’ll post the recipes tomorrow!


Side note: I totally looked up skilz on Urban Dictionary, I mean I am hip and all but one “l” or two… it would be very un”hipster” of me to misspell my one hip word! Or would that make me hip…no idea, instead enjoy this hip pug!

I am grateful for good friends and fun, laid back Fall Friday nights!


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