It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

After the apple disaster we decided to switch up our fall game plan to that of going to a pumpkin patch!











We chose our patch the way I choose all our unknown adventures… Google.  The all-knowing Google did not fail and directed us via their vast mapping system through farmland Kenosha to the Smith Pumpkin Farm!  This place just popped up in the middle of two giant fields of what I assume is full of pumpkins and corn… it was pretty raked over.

When we pulled in Justin pointed out this pile of hay bales shaped into a tractor, grill and all!!  Clever.  I’ll own two things about this artistic master piece:

1)      I just agreed that it was neat and continued to stare at it like one of those 3-D posters that used to be cool  hoping that if I stared long enough I would be able to see the image….***flashback, do you remember pulling those into your face then slowly removing and all the sudden smiley face or bear …weird, this one Valley of the Wolves – IDK***

2) Once I was cross-eyed enough (how did this not happen while staring at the posters?!) I saw the tractor, then the grill and pipe and instantly got the brilliant idea that the hay was actually stacked on the tractor! Duh, Justin I started to say as I pointed out that it was in fact a real tractor?! With his puzzled expression I looked again and realized…nope just hay stacked to look like a tractor –why can I not keep these thoughts inside my head!  So embarrassing… not forgotten anytime soon by the Mr.











Then we entered the patch!!! Wow! Pumpkins EVERYWHERE!!! Barrels and carts full to the brim with beautiful, round, all kinds of colored pumpkins! We decided to take a tour of the whole place before shopping.  They had two corn mazes, one haunted –cough, um no thanks… and one not haunted, but also closed until 3 it was 1. Darn. Then the whole place had these little scenes created from pop culture icons all with pumpkins for heads?!

Cinderella, Harry Potter, Children of the Corn… even the Smurfs! All very well done and eerily creepy even though I am pretty sure most of them were meant to be kid friendly. Pumpkins for heads, bizarre.

Past the scenes there was another little farm animal area with a goat climbing ramp, a HUGE potbelly pig, SWOON!!! Little goats, big goats, momma goats, lots of goats.











Then the segregation began… the back side of the farm was awesome, there was a giant pumpkin jumping patch with this huge inflatable pumpkin you could jump on with your little bambino, no one sans bambino allowed. Sad.  There was also a hay bale maze just like in Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls anyone?!) that was for those stinkin’ bambinos too… bummer.




















Once we, probably just me, Justin doesn’t tend to notice those things… were done pouting about not getting to bounce on the pumpkin we headed to grab our wagon and to start shopping!!!  After many attempts we settled on four perfect pumpkins and headed home for our pumpkin carving party!!! More on that later 🙂

All in all fantastic day, Charlie Brown you were so right to make a movie about the pumpkin patch and Taylor Dosey, good for you to ignore the skeptics and spend all the money on the hay bale maze, those suckers are pretty neat!

Today I am grateful for Google, I kind of think that one is obvious…



  1. bob jensen says:

    OK! … Aunt Peggy and I are extremely jealous! We both wish we were there with you! Aloha … Have fun … Uncle Bob

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