Good thing our grocery store is well stocked with apples!!

Last October Justin and I headed some direction (I’m not real good with knowing which way I am traveling…) about 45 minutes from the house to the Elegant Farmer apple orchard and fall festival and it was FABULOUS!!!  We arrived having never picked apples before and with no expectations.

To say we were impressed would be a total understatement.  We raced through the orchard picking a beautiful basket full of apples, we went to the festival and had wonderful sandwiches, brown-bag baked apple pie and delicious hot apple cider. It was a simple fall family activity that we thoroughly enjoyed.

In the following weeks from our orchard date I baked everything apple under the sun until each apple had been devoured, then I dreamed about next year’s apple picking date!

Two weeks ago on a beautiful Saturday morning we decided to make our repeat appearance at the Elegant Farmer for our annual fall date!  Of course to maximize the experience I was dressed for fall. Jeans, riding boots, long sweater, and the Mr. was also in jeans, although he went with an alternate shoe choice! Anyways, by the time we got to the orchard it was 80 degrees.  We powered through to the festival to get the traditional grilled cider baked ham and cheese sandwich and took our seat at a picnic table among pumpkins.

YUMMMMMMMMY!  Delicious, but HOT.  We were both sweating, but we powered onto the line for picking apples it was going to be an hour wait minimum to get our baskets. About 10 minutes into the wait I turned to Justin and asked what he thought about leaving and trying again another day.

He jumped on that idea like I said, hey do you want to go duck hunting?!

Cut to Friday.  Take two.  The Elegant Farmer was closed… strike one.  We headed another direction to the Apple Holler, it was open yes… but it was not for us.  While our last experience included wandering through the orchard with a basket to fill at our leisure, this one would have included riding a hayride through a specific section of the orchard to gather 5-7 apples … the place was the Disneyland of apple orchards, not the simplistic nature we loved about our orchard! (yes, I am claiming the Elegant Farmer, mine, all mine!)

At least at the Apple Holler I got to feed goats! That was fun.

 Take three, the grocery store…Total Success!

Today I am grateful for our unexpected memories!



  1. Too funny! I remember your apple picking picture from last year… so cute! We went apple picking for the first time this year. I attempted to do the cute fall outfit, but SO hot by the time we got there… you know we are alike when we choose to sweat through an orchard in order to look seasonal. 🙂 Miss you girl! Hope all is well!

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