Welcome! Welcome! Y’all Come In…

Lately I have received pressure from my pretty fabulous family to start a blog that would detail our new “Mid-West” life and all that was going on during this transitional phase I refer to as my retirement plan.   Turns out though, being in dental school is pretty much all work… and being the wife of a dental school student is ummmmm. . .

I believe said fabulous family is interested because their daughter, my cousin Stephanie lives in Japan with her Navy based hubby and she started this great blog detailing all of her travels.  She discusses the Japanese lifestyle, clothing food and even their white walls in the house.  This may not see like a big deal, but being Southern there is a weighted fear of having a white wall or empty shelf in one’s house.  You must have color and accessories, I mean you want your house to be welcoming and Stephanie has excellent taste of which I have copied many times.  Anyways, she lives an exciting life that is fun to read about on her blog.

I have thought about starting a blog for a while now and then I started reading blogs of random young wives or mothers online and I decided now was the time to hit the keys.  One of my favorite blogs follows a lady who is the wife of a medical school student, as I read her stories I am laughing out loud about all the crazy conversations she has with herself since her hubby is gone all the time– and so here goes nothing! I hope this helps me to share our life with our friends and family all over the world (thanks to Stephanie) and I hope that maybe a new dental school wife will find my blog while she perfects the art of “Googling” random stuff (Kelly can attest to our new found talent)  and she can see how being the Mrs. to a Mr. Dental School Student is challenging but also rewarding.

ONE YEAR  & 3 MONTHS DOWN!!!!! CORKS POPPING, CHAMPAGNE FLOWING, FIREWORKS EXPLODING… not really but that is what it feels like should be happening.

Justin thinks the year has flown by- he can’t even believe we are done and only three more years to go. I don’t share those same feelings.  Here is the condensed version of a portion of our first little while here in Milwaukee…

May 2010 – I got a job offer in a glorified customer service position in Milwaukee, one that included decent pay and amazing benefits.  A career in advertising – the degree I busted my butt to get at LSU was not meant to be in Milwaukee! Darn it! Moving (literally ) on… We packed up our belongings and said our goodbyes in five days and hit the Alcan highway to move from Wasilla, AK to Milwaukee, WI.  Ten days from the call we had moved into our home and I had started work.

Summer 2010- Dental school didn’t start until August and Justin needed a job.  Enter in his wonderful MN Aunt & Uncle who hired him to chauffeur their lovely chillen’s around all summer and lifeguard at their backyard pool.  I say it this way because, A) I am bitter I didn’t get to spend the summer in Minneapolis B) these kids are a joy to be around and sooo much fun… and C) he was way more fit and tan than me by the end of the summer and that was not ok.  Yes, I am that vain.

August- August was exciting.  We were living together again and shopping for all white tennis shoes for him. to wear to school.  They had to be all white, not nurse looking, not mesh, leather, not too tall, not too flat – I feel this is worth mentioning because I fear we came close to a separation shopping for these shoes.  Then came his white coat ceremony.  This event was awesome.  It was my first chance to see his class, to meet his first (turns out best) friends and to really experience dental school with him.  **Bonus- he received his white coat and let me take lots of pictures and my Mr. is one handsome DSS.

September-Thanksgiving-  This was three months I would be okay with not repeating.  We were new to the area still, Justin had 80 new/instant friends and I “0”.  It was a low point. I was bored, we were broke from furnishing our home, it was cold and I was thousands of miles from friends and family.  I hated basing all my happiness on whether Justin could make it home from school earlier and we could watch Psych together or grab a bite to eat.   This wasn’t working, I was getting good at eating lots… and reality shows were starting to feel like my reality.

Thanksgiving- we went to visit my brother and sister in-law and my parents for the Holiday.  It was so nice to be around family and while there my mom helped me to see beyond myself and to make an action plan to do more.  That following Monday I sent out invitations to my co-workers for a Christmas Cookie exchange.  I decided to also send an invite to one of his classmate’s wife… this was kind of big deal because we had never really hung out together other than a random dinner with our Mr.’s.  Best decision ever.

Second best decision ever… going back to school to get my secondary teaching certificate.

Winter-  Winter was the first time Milwaukee started to feel less like a landing pad and more like a temporary home.  I am not to the calling it home phase.  In fact I still say I am going home when I refer to seeing relatives in Shreveport, visiting Baton Rouge and of course Wasilla… when we are coming back to Milwaukee I say going to the house.  There is probably some shrink speak to explain that but on to better things!

Winter was cold, snowy and busy!!! I love to be busy and when I am busy I don’t think too much which makes that husband of mine pretty darn peppy! I took 15hours in the graduate program along with working full-time and being the best pug mom in the world.  (I think the pugs would endorse me)  I spent lots of nights and weekends with my new friend and fellow DDS wife Kelly,  and all of the close group of friends Justin has made.

Post Winter- we didn’t have spring.  Enough said.

Post-Post Winter- it snowed in the end of April.   Grumpy times.

Chilly May – Finally we had a little bit of sun, lots of rain and most importantly heat!!!  May was extremely busy.  We went from Justin’s finals to my finals (we both rocked them) to company, to graduation parties, dance recitals you name it. Oh!! We also went to a Brewer’s game and tailgated with friends and had a shrimp boil.  May although cold, was the best month so far.

100 degrees early June- YES PLEASE!  I should start with our first real event of June was the Michael Bublé concert.  Talk about the most: romantic, comedic, symbolic, enthusiastic, fantastical…(insert all positive adjectives here) date night ever.  Bublé is a phenomenal performer, the Mr. & myself made it on the big screen and our neighbors in the nosebleed section were there celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.   Perfect night.

Summer EXPLODED from this point on and it was AMAZING!!!

June ended with Mom and Gramma coming to visit which was so fun! We shopped, got into a minor collision on our way to Olive Garden which is just funny enough to mention!  Then mom stayed here for a couple of weeks to keep me company while Justin treaded water in dentures.  Note to any dental school wife… dentures sucks!  Just as I was pulling away from dropping off mom and Mrs. Linda at the airport, I was returning to pick up mom and dad in Chicago for another visit!!! We had a blast, Chicago for a day, Brewer’s game, brewery tour, Sugarland concert, my dad hearts Jennifer Nettles!    Then again, I had to do the horrible goodbye dance and sure enough a couple of weeks later my brother-in-law Ryan came to visit and soon one of Justin’s best friends, Dustin came into town.

I loved SUMMER! I love having company and it was so great to entertain and have people around all summer. Which leads us into fall…. which is where this blog will begin.  Thanks so much for stopping by and please come back for new recipes, decorating ideas, DIY projects and many memories!

I am grateful for having a family who is still involved in my life even though we are all many miles away!

Another one of my favorite bloggers is Katie from Marriage Confessions and she writes what she is grateful for at the end of each blog. I love that so I am going to do the same.  I am a firm believer that the being happy stems from living outside of yourself, doing things for others and being appreciative.



  1. I love hearing your perspective! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Are you teaching???

  3. PS I love your blog. So happy you started! Now I will keep up with all you are doing… wishing you could write one for me! 😉

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